Why I don’t like Memorial Day promotions

I understand the trend of Memorial Day sales.  I don’t like it, but I get it.

You have a 3-day weekend, swimming pools opening, [hopefully] warm, sunny weather, what better to bring in some sales but to run some great promotions?

I have nothing buying stuff–I have more stuff than anyone should have.  I do have a problem with taking a holiday that is supposed to honor the men and women that have died in fighting in wars and turning into a day of SUPER BIG MEMORIAL DAY BLOW OUT SALES!

Here is my proposition:  Instead of discounts, make donations.   Instead of running a 20% off sale, donate 20% of your sales to a charity like Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund or one of the countless organizations that honor the people who have died fighting for our country or help the families and they left behind.

What does your business have to lose?  You’ll take the same hit as you would with a sale.  Promote it properly, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have increased sales for the holiday.  The only difference is who is getting the money you wouldn’t be getting anyhow.

With certain markets, a donation promotion could be even bigger than a cliche (and somewhat shameful) sale.  Plus, it’s a great branding move.

So, think about it.  Next year, instead of offering your customers a discount, consider honoring the men and women who this day is supposed to celebrate.


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