Rustbelt Almanac

First issue of Rustbelt Almanac

The first issue of Rustbelt Almanac. 70+ pages of honest content with almost no ads. Plus, the guy on the cover has some really great hair! [it’s photoshopped]

Back in January, two guys I had never heard of, Mike Artman and Noah Purdy, sent me an email telling me they were starting a magazine and asked if they could come talk to me.  I rarely turn down interviews–I’m always down to meet new people–but after looking at their work [here & here] I definitely wanted to meet these guys.

We got together, chatted about what I’m working on, and had a few beers.  It was lot less formal than the other interviews I’ve had.  We hit it off pretty well.

A few weeks later, I introduced them to one of my good friends, Kris Mortensen, to link them up to see if they could use his help for some video.  Wouldn’t you know they hit it off with Kris too.

Fast forward a bit.  They were telling me about their plans to run a project on Kickstarter, thinking they could raise $1,000-$2,000 to get a few of their magazines printed.  Personally, I predicted that they could do between $10,500 and $12,000–it’s a cool project, and between the beautiful photography, clean design and layout,  fresh approach, and engaging topic, they were definitively on to something.

Now, today.  The magazine is fresh from the printer and their entire print run is almost all claimed.  I keep telling Noah he will have to run another batch, but he doesn’t want to hear it.  What a horrible problem to have.


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