I’m not white. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I have white friends.)

“You’re pretty much white”.

I get it a lot.  Granted, I do have a Polish last name, white parents and two white sisters.  I was raised in the ‘burbs.  though they weren’t all white, most of my friends growing up were.

However, I also have had bottles thrown at me from moving cars by people yelling, “Go back from where you came from!”  I’ve had the clerk at the post office ask my how I lost my accent, because most of my “people” don’t speak English.  I’ve had a kid try to pull me outside a party to a group of kids with baseball bats and tire irons that weren’t happy about the “chink” in their town.  Walking home from a bar two guys jumped out in front of me to ask the two [white] girls I was with why they were walking with a “chink”.

Was that all because I am pretty much white?


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