Thoughts on Pittsburgh

The following is a excerpt from comments I made after someone said it “makes [their] mind hurt” when I talk about the disappointingly racist events I experience in this city.

Many people think Pittsburgh is a fantastic place, and in many facets it is. Some people think this is going to be the next Silicon Valley or the next Portland. Most people here are just so impressed with how much the city has changed and are only looking forward to awesome place it can become. I can promise you that unless we talk about the issues we have surrounding cultural and ethnic diversity and social integration, those things will never happen.

When you look at the community groups, non-profits, and governments,almost no one is talking about these issues and they impact the progress of pretty much every facet of this area becoming a better place.

I’m not sure what I can do to better the problem.  Right now I just try to talk about it until people walk away [or unfollow me] and try to encourage people to do the same.

I can talk all I want, but the issue is really that no one wants to listen.  It’s easy to be complacent and it can be depressing to be continually unhappy with how thing are and it’s hard to constantly try to improve things.


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